About the Facility


Puppy Bubbles is no longer mobile. As of March 1, 2014 Puppy Bubbles is located at 1800 Brinker #280 in Denton, TX Entrance is the REAR ENTRANCE of Beau's Bath House.

While I currently share the use of the tubs within Beau's, all other aspects of the grooming process is done strictly within Puppy Bubbles room. I still provide and use all of my own equipment and products so your pets will still have the benefit of the highest quality.

I still use not only the highest quality shampoos, conditioners and styling products, but also the highest quality equipment. The electric table limits your pet being put in uncomfortable positions in order to complete their groom and is lightly padded to be more comfortable. The clipper vac minimizes inhaled hair and dander and enables a more consistent clip.

Your pet will have a specific grooming time scheduled and upon drop off will also be given a pick up time. (usually 60 min from appointment time) They are groomed straight through and will be ready at the time you are given for pick up. If they are not picked up within 30 min of pick up time, I will have to transfer then to one of the cages at Beau's and a $10 additional charge will be added for the use of their cages.

Entire floor in the salon is covered in rubber tiles. This not only makes it easier on my back and joints, but also help do the same for your pets, particularly the older pets.


  You can see the entire salon from the entrance and if you wish, you may wait with your pet. Keep in mind that "mom or dad" being in sight usually makes them less cooperative and may cause their grooming to take more time to complete.  
  Many will remember Ginger from riding with me in the mobile grooming van. She will still come to the shop on occasion but not frequently.  
Puppy Bubbles - Carol Harvey - 940-594-2550 - Email: carol@puppybubbles.com