Puppy Bubbles pet grooming is now a part of Beau's Bath House

Puppy Bubbles is now offering express Dog and Cat grooming at Beau's Bath House.

Located at 1800 Brinker Rd #280 (REAR entrance for Puppy Bubbles express grooming) Denton, TX

I feel my pets are part of my family and will treat yours with the same love and attention.

The Express salon contains everything needed to perform complete grooming of your pet (other than a tub which I share the tubs in Beau's). Each pet is still groomed start to finish so no time spent in a cage* provided they are picked up on time**. Your pet will receive professional, personalized and uninterrupted attention.


* exception being multi pet homes where I provide a 4' X 4' pen for the additional pets to wait their turn as I groom their family member.

**pets left longer than 30 min past pickup time will be moved to one of the cages in Beau's and an additional $10 will be charged.

  Your pet's safety and comfort is our primary concern. Please advise me of any allergies, sensitivities or pre-existing medical conditions so we can avoid aggravation of these situations. Please let me know of any prior grooming history you or your pet may not have found totally satisfactory. Unlike many other groomers, you ARE welcome to stay and watch your pet while in my care, provided you are not a distraction for your pet.  

Included in your pets groom is:

  • Complete massaging bath/conditioner
  • Blueberry facial
  • Skin appropriate or requested shampoo/conditioner used
  • Fluff dry
  • Oral hygiene spray for fresher breath
  • Nails trimmed AND FILED (filing not done at many other shops)
  • Ears cleaned/hair removed if needed
  • Anal glands expressed externally if needed or requested
  • The requested clip
  • Cologne (large variety to choose from)
  • Bandanna or bows

( dematting is more time consuming and will usually cost more due to time involved.) And will not be done if too stressful for your pet.

Optional products available at no additional charge:
oatmeal shampoo- aids in easing itchy skin due to insect bites or oily skin as it helps dry the skin *Micro Tek shampoo- non drying anti itch shampoo * Tea Tree shampoo - naturally antibacterial and antifungal, great for aiding in healing hot spots * Deep penetrating remoisturizer - helps heal excessive dry skin or coat

Optional services that cost extra. (See Services page for pricint)
* Deshedding service- greatly reduces unwanted hair around your home. (best results if done monthly)

* Citrus flea dip- (NOT an option if I actually find fleas on your pet. Dog will be dipped.)

  Pets are bathed at Beau's and towel dried, using the same top quality shampoos Puppy Bubble shas insisted on for over 10 years, as I provide all my own products used on dogs in my care, dryers, an electric table so I will not have to lift pets onto the table, and a clipper vac that benefits both me and your pet by removing much of the fine hairs that we would be breathing otherwise, I do not use ANY chemicals. If your pet has fleas, I will use a citrus based shampoo/dip ($25 additional charge as Beau's Bath House is a flea free zone and pets in the facility with fleas require both salons to be bombed and all bedding and towels to be disinfected) and offer you suggestions as to how to rid the pests from your home. If your pet has ticks, I will reschedule your pet to be done 4-6 days (if I have availability at that time) after having your pet wear a Preven-Tic collar or administering a topical tick control obtained from you veterinarian. I can offer specialized shampoos to help with minor skin conditions.  


  • Personal, one on one attention
  • Perfect for senior pets
  • Safe sanitary environment
  • No chemical or tranquilizer use
  • Never caged (provided pets are picked up within 30 min of pick up time given on drop off)
  • Only high quality products used
  • Usually finished in about an hour, not all day

**Prices are by the hour based on size of pet. **

(see "services" for more pricing information)


**As I only groom one pet at a time, rarely is more than 6 pets scheduled in a day (usually only 5)

Appointments fill fast so please call ahead as I often am unable to add an appointment within only a few days.

I am usually booked about 2 weeks in advance although occasionally I do have a cancellation and can get your pet in sooner.


Contact me for more information:

Puppy Bubbles, 1800 Brinker #280 REAR ENTRANCE


Carol Harvey
Email: carol@puppybubbles.com

I accept cash, personal checks, Visa and Master Card.

Appointments made Monday-Friday with Very limited Saturday appointments available. Call well in advance if needing an appointment on Saturday. In general I can make appointments between the hours of 8am (Mon or Tues), 9am (Wed-Fri) and as late as 4pm. Saturdays (when available) between the hours of 9am and 3pm.


Puppy Bubbles - Carol Harvey - 940-594-2550 - Email: carol@puppybubbles.com